Halo Patio Door
Premline Patio Door

Many of the benefits of our patio doors are plain for all to see ,others ,however ,are more subtle; to be found in the detail.

The design of our patio doors is compatible with all window systems. Another detail worth noting is the construtction off both patio doors. Outerframes can either be fully welded or mechcanically jointed on-site. This allows for easy installation in projects sites that have restraicted access.

Both sliding door systems are designed to co-ordinate perfectly. As such ,they offer the highest quality standards ,precise specifications and tight tolerances with great aesphetic appeal. Both patio doors have high security 6 or 8 hook locks ,anti lift packers also internally glazed for added security.


The unique Tri-Slider offers a genuine alternative to the bi-fold door ,yet at a more cost effective price. It also offers slim sight lines and a glass area that can offer up to 25% more light than other large door openings. All three door sashes can slide both ways and theres a 6 pane option with a maximum frame width of 4.5m in a three pane option and 9m in a six pane option. When it comes to operation ,the high quality stainless steel tracks guarentee the maximum possible service life and provide extremely smooth running sliding doors ,moving at the slightest touch. Please take a look for yourself on the youtube link. 

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